Email Hunter

Email Hunter

Email Hunter is an email validation tool can provide you with direct access to all the web’s email addresses. As its name suggests, it hunts emails to help marketers find clients’ contact information and email. You’ll like the fact that this tool only charges users for verified emails, unlike other email hunting tools. The quality of data here is more than 50% too.

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This tool comes in handy these days because people don’t answer their phones near as much anymore. The fastest way to get to clients is through email. And Email Hunter researches or hunts for contacts, tells you what device the email was open on, and at the same time, verifies the occurrence quite frequently.

It can save you tons of time researching or looking for the right contacts. Moreover, it’s easy to setup and use. It’s not 100% free-to-use though. You only get 150 searches or requests for free, but the thing is, 1 search is for the domain so if you have 5 prospects per domain, you’re getting 750 email validations for free.

With the help of this tool, you can validate emails fast!

Pricing: Free

Developer: Email Hunter

Get the App: N/A

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