Customer Reorder

Customer Reorder

Customer Reorder

Customer Reorder by MEKU is the first & only re-Ordering & order Summary app on Shopify that saves products, shipping and payment information for buyers so they can reorder your products whenever they want them again. This app is an ideal way for you to jump into mobile commerce without a huge investment, as it costs nothing. Yup, it’s totally free to use.

It’s a Shopify app that allows a consumer to reorder products in a couple of taps. It comes with an enhance account page with an order summary & re-Order Options. Also, it’s compatible with almost every Shopify theme and it auto-styles to your theme’s font’s & colors. Moreover, it’s easy to setup and it includes a Re-Order button within each Order page.

The Customer Reorder app is meant to subvert that increasingly ingrained search shopping process. This is ideal to those business owners who have customer’s who place similar or identical orders with you on an ongoing basis. If not, then why not give your customers the flexibility to easily reorder all the items from one of their existing orders with a Single Click – No need for them to add more adding items one-by-one each time they want to reorder with you.

Pricing: Free

Developer: MEKU

Get the App: Shopify App

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