Covet.Pics Review

Covet.Pics Review

One unique way that you can leverage social media to boost your sales is to create shoppable galleries, tag your products, and sell them directly from your photos. This also allows visitors to share and post photos and eventually, boost your sales. This is especially useful for certain types of industries, like clothing and fashion.

You can integrate photos from Instagram in order to get your users involved socially. If you want to try this kind of strategy, there’s an app for that. It’s called is a Shopify app that pulls in Instagram feeds via #hashtags and @usernames to populate galleries in a matter of seconds. With the help of this app, you can have multiple feeds for a single gallery.

By the way, it also supports multiple gallery layouts, custom photos, and boasts with an easy to use drag and drop interface so you’d be able to organize your posts the way you want it.

ShopiHunt recommends this one as it’s fully functional, easy to install, and it allows you to create a beautiful and clean grid gallery that shows off your product pictures very nicely.

Also, ShopiHunt likes the ‘shop the look’ hover effect and thinks that it will sit well with most brands’ look and feel.

Pricing: Free – $39.99 / month
Tag products from your store. Available even on our FREE plan!

Developer: Space Squirrel

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