Consistent Cart Review

Consistent Cart Review

Consistent Cart

Every day, thousands if not millions of carts are left before reaching check out, and while you (probably) can’t have Boyz 2 Men help you reunite these poor abandoned carts with their previous owners, Consistent Cart is ready to step in and go to work!

Consistent Cart by CarlsApps is a remarketing Shopify app that’s free to use which can enable a persistent shopping cart in your Shopify store.

Life may get in the way of clicking that “Buy” button, but don’t give up! Put your Shopify store back in the game and increase your revenue by recovering abandoned carts.

This app is simple to install and can save all the items in the cart when your customer is logged in. It’s fully automated and you just need to set it for it to work in the background.

Again, Consistent Cart is an app that increases your revenue and reduces the abandoned cart rate by adding the Persistent Shopping Cart feature to your store.

You’ve got nothing to lose with this app since it’s free to use forever. All gains! Try it yourself and rescue your sales!. Simply install the app and register an account with your Shopify store. Add some items to the cart, switch browsers and log in with the same account, you will find out that your cart is back!

Pricing: Free

Developer: CarlsApps

Get the App: Shopify App

Thumbs up? Yes

Should you get it? Yes

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