Product Name
Comma – Medium for Snapchat generation

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2016
LinkedIn: NA
Twitter: @Commaful
Facebook: Commaful

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Sydney Liu
Ryan Choi

What it does:  

Comma is a short-to-medium-form blogging platform to share beautiful stories with images and GIFs

Why you need this:

Comma makes it a lot easier to create and consume simple ideas. The product sits at the unique intersection of BuzzFeed, Medium, SlideShare, and Snapchat.  

The idea behind it.

The developers wanted to build a story-telling platform for the next generation. He believes the fun, visual form factor makes posts easy to make and easy to consume. And that’s where Comma comes in.

What Bob likes

Bob loves this such beautiful visual way of story depiction. The content is high quality, addicting and beautiful – such a powerful platform.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

Bob would like to see Sports Gif Highlight Recaps that present the players individual stats.

Bob Mini Review

Comma is also known as Pencil. Bob has been using this blogging platform for months as it brings him back to the most basic fundamental way to tell a story. Comma seems to be a fusion of BuzzFeed, Medium, SlideShare, and Snapchat. The entire screen is filled with beautiful images and engaging animations. It is truly the first content platform that has put mobile at the forefront of the product experience which makes it also the first content platform aimed at the millennial and mobile first markets.

The content here is of high quality, addictive and beautiful. Bob is always looking forward to new posts at Comma, amazing work! The guys behind this have created some of the coolest media to show their product, using their product.

To make a story was rather simple: create your first page, add a visual, then continue to add more points by “adding pages.” Just keep your text short and simple, and from there, you can add visuals in the form of images or GIFs. I like this feature, as I felt it helped relay my ideas across more effectively.

Overall, Bob liked Comma, he thinks he’ll use it more often to just play around with it and make some GIF Slides. Bob suggests you try it out as well and see for yourself.

Should  you try it?

Of course. It’s totally free to use and all you need is to sign-up using your email, Twitter account, or Facebook.

Includes FREE Trial?  Free-to-use



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