CleverTap Review

CleverTap Review

CleverTap unifies user profiles and user actions from multiple devices. You’d get rich profiles with demographic data, historical interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history. It also provides real-time people analytics where you can get funnel reports, view retention cohorts, do user segmentation, assess campaign effectiveness, get mobile metrics and more.

The analytics that they have built is good. And not only that, they have always been here when you needed help or support. A responsive customer support is something only a few companies do nowadays and is highly valuable. The CleverTap team is made of some great people who are eager to help, educate, and share valuable insights about their product.

But with CleverTap, you’re sure to track your customers, better know them using segmentation tools, metrics on how active your users are. For sure, you’d be able to improve your conversion rate by 12%.

Other salient features include push notifications, email and web notifications based on their profile data and prior actions, and an intuitive interface for analytics and user notifications.

If you are a startup, I would recommend CleverTap to you.

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