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Clearbit Connect

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Clearbit Connect is a good Rapportive alternative that offers details on not only the person you’re emailing with but also the information on their company, when it’s available. It’s a Gmail widget that you can use to see everything about your contacts right inside your Gmail, and find out who’s behind an Email.

You can get information like the person’s name, photo, title, address, website URL, and social media accounts. You’ll also get the company’s name, address, and other details like the total number of employees in the company, company type, funding, tags, and many other things.

Clearbit Sidebar

It’s easier to use. From your Gmail “Compose” screen, you just need to click the Connect button for a new window to appear. From here, you type in the company domain – which will auto-suggest matching companies as you type. You can then enter a person’s name or title. In the list of matches that appears, you just have to click the name of the person you want to email and – there you have it! – you have found their email address.

For those who value their privacy, you should know that, like Rapportive, Clearbit Connect also requires “read” access to your email so it can parse the metadata in the headers.


Pricing: Free
Developer: Clearbit

Get the App: N/A

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