Charlie is an app that connects to your calendar to prepare you for your meeting appointments. It is like your personal assistant. It syncs well with your Google Calendar to help you prep for any upcoming meetings. It also provides insights about the attendees, the company, and current events, taking place around the time of your meeting. With the help of this app, you’ll be well-prepared, making you stand out in every meeting or conversation.

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This app automatically researches the people you meet with before you even see them. An hour before your meeting, it will send you a digest with information drawn from over 100,000 sources (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google News, and more). It will also show you cool stuff like that person’s latest blog entry, which friends or connections you have in common, latest company updates as well as competitor news and statistics.


Its “research feature” is said to be equivalent to 57 Google searches if you were to pull up the same amount of information. You may also manually request reports based on an email and name, even if you don’t have an upcoming meeting. Yeah, Charlie is meant for sales intelligence purposes, but its overall functionality extends beyond it.

Pricing: Free

Developer: Charlie Contacts Corp.

Get the App: Itunes

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