Campaignified Review

Campaignified Review

Campaignified is a Marketing app for the shopify platform. It automatically allows you to add customers from your Shopify online store to an existing Campaign Monitor subscriber list at checkout. If you have a Shopify store, you can take the legwork out of adding customers to your email subscriber lists using this Campaignified plugin. Let’s say a customer opts-in to receive email communications from at the checkout stage, this tool ensures that the customer’s details are synced with an existing Campaign Monitor list, silently.

Campaignified can also send customer and order details to Campaign Monitor, create rich list segments using detailed custom field data pulled through from Shopify, and send beautiful email newsletters to your customers.

Setting it up with Shopify can be done within a matter of minutes – all you need to provide is your Campaign Monitor’s account username and password.

Campaignified is free to use, with extended pricing for a premium account starting at $9 per month afterwards. View more information at the Shopify App Store or on their website.

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