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Call Page

Product Name
CallPage – Convert web-visitors into inbound sales calls in 28 seconds

Company Website:  
Year Founded: 2015
LinkedIn: CallPage
Twitter: NA
Facebook: CallPage

Creator(s) / Founder(s) :
Ross Knap
Sergey Butko
Andriy Tkachiv

What it does:  

Callpage is a widget that helps get 75% more calls from clients of your website.

Why you need this:

It can provide you with 75% more calls from your potential customers of your website.

The idea behind it.

It was developed to work as a marketing solution for conversion web visitors into inbound sales calls through the immediate callback to real phone numbers.

What Bob likes

Special Offer for PH users: 15 calls for FREE to test their service.

What it doesn’t have or doesn’t do

It is an interesting concept though he wishes to get some of the metrics that the service is seeing on sites that that use this. Things like how many people actually use this and initiate a call, and does it improve bounce rate?

Bob Mini Review

CallPage is an online service or a system that can help you get up to 75% more leads from your web-site through the offering real-time callback in 28 seconds and automated schedule calls system. It’s a widget that analyzes user behavior on your website in real-time. Here’s how it works: when it recognizes an interested visitor, it offers the user a free call back and connects your with customers in 28 seconds. Interested visitors leave their phone number on your website, the widget calls to manager’s mobile phone who picks up a phone. After the conversation, he/she will receive an SMS with gratitude and contacts info of manager, and the manager will be able to listen to conversation recording in CRM.

Cool eh? You could also integrate Twilio or Nexmo but it’s just a call API, and here you have a full marketing solution with engaging your customers, showing pop-up and mini-CRM inside. By the way, there is also a special offer for Product Hunters who sign up before an end of April 2016.

Should  you try it?

If it fits your business, try it because works globally , and it has automatically number detection. Let’s say you left USA number – u will receive a call from USA number as well.

Includes FREE Trial? Yup, you get to test their services with 15 free calls upon signup.

Pricing:  $449


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