Josh came to us with an idea: he wanted to create an online community for men to come together to talk openly and honestly about issues which affected them. The project was a labour for love for Josh, born out of personal experience.

When Josh signed on with us, Blokepedia was just a blog site. Josh had a big vision however, he wanted to greatly expand the site. Inspired by nation-wide initiatives like RU OK? Josh wanted to create a real community and he needed a bigger and more powerful site to achieve this. The new Blokepedia needed to be bold, accessible, welcoming and easy to use.

The challenges we faced working with Josh was taking his relatively small blog site into a much bigger project. We needed to improve the flow and usability of the site, greatly expand its scope as well as incorporate a member’s forum and eCommerce integration to sell merchandise on the site.

We worked with Josh to create a more complete and user-friendly site. We created a theme and colour scheme which was simple but recognisable. We divided the site into sections so it was clear what the site was about, we added a member’s section where new users could sign up and feel part of a community and we integrated an easy to use merchandise store into the site.

Since going live, Josh’s site has grown from a blog site into an inclusive community.

Some of the services included in this project:

  • Redesign new theme
  • Optimise content
  • Onsite SEO
  • Membership permissions setup
  • eCommerce platform

The Trading Coach

The Trading Coach is a company offering Forex trading workshops. This is a very competitive industry, and so the site for The Trading Coach needed to be eye-catching and informative in order to stand out against it’s competitors.

When Ron came to us, his site was cluttered and unclear. The images and design of the site looked outdated and negated the professional business Ron was running. Ron’s vision was clear: he wanted a new, updated site. It needed to be modern, clean and stand out from his competitors. He wanted movement so the site was engaging and interesting and eye-catching images to sell the lifestyle Ron’s business offers.

We created a new, more modern site for The Trading Coach. We kept Ron’s logo and colour scheme for brand recognisability, but we updated the site and gave it a sleeker, more appealing look. We added colour and movement to the site, making it appealing and interesting without overloading visitors. We created a simple structure for visitors to the site to follow. We greatly expanded the site by adding a member’s forum and an interactive map showing upcoming events.

Some of the services included in this project:

  • Site Redesign
  • Optimise content
  • Onsite SEO
  • Membership Forum Setup