AddShoppers Sharing Buttons Review

AddShoppers Sharing Buttons Review

AddShoppers Sharing Buttons


AddShoppers Sharing Buttons is built for e-Commerce. It’s just perfect for you Shopify store as it comes with sharing buttons that were built for sharing products, not articles or blog posts.

It’s made for simplified sharing so it’s a lot easier for you to increase your traffic and sales from word-of-mouth social referrals. It only integrates with the most important social networks, especially the ones that matter for Shopify!

No wonder it powers influencer marketing for thousands of brands worldwide including Hanes, Everlast, Internet Retailer Magazine, and The Economist.

It’s easy to setup, configure, and use to increase your exposure. As your influential customers share products, you’ll get tons of exposure on social media networks, which will help drive more traffic to your Shopify site. Better yet, AddShoppers Sharing Buttons integrate rich product data to make your shares look more beautiful.

It’s highly flexible too for user-friendly sharing. Unlike other social sharing solutions, it does not force your visitors to approve your app. Sure, the app encourages it so that you get the most user analytics possible, but this app also allows your Shopify users to share without approving it. This generates more shares because shares will still go through, even if a certain user doesn’t approve your app!



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Influencer Analytics, ROI Tracking, and Sharing Buttons are always free.

The remaining nine applications can be purchased on a per App basis. Contact support for more details.


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